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Water's Edge
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Outdoor Kitchen

Water's Edge


"You are literally building your own mini paradise.
With backyard entertainment, you don't need to go
anywhere for a weekend vacation."

                                                          -Mark Allen

Here are a few tips from the article:

-If you really want to entertain, the bar area is what's going to make it. The host can serve drinks from the bar dooler and vist with guests.

- use steel framing wrapped in HardiBacker cement board covered by a weatherproof material.

-Plan refrigeration, cooking areas, storage and prep counters with the same efficiency of steps and convenience of indoor kitchens, but don't isolate the cook from the rest of the gathering.

-Include easy access to dining, pool and spa areas and to the indoor kitchen.

-Buy only stainless steel appliances UL approved for outdoor use.



Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen